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Tree Surgery/ Tree Services East Devon

JJ Tree Services offer a complete range of tree and garden services covering East Devon.

Tree Removal

Tree Reduction's

Crown Thinning

This is where the tree is felled or dismantled to ground level using special techniques.

Reduces the overall size of the tree making it more manageable and increasing the amount of light. It also improves the overall balance and shape of the tree.

Selectively remove branches to reduce the crown density allowing more light and air through the tree.

Crown Lifting

Tree Pollarding

Dead Wooding

Removal of the lowest branches normally to allow greater access and allow more light beneath the tree.

This involves a heavy reduction to the tree to promote new growth.

Removal of dead wood to make roads, footpaths and general public locations safe from falling debris.

We also carry out many more tree services so please contact us to see what we have to offer.

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